Who we are

Hans Attensam removing snow in 1980

Hans and Grete Attensam founded their eponymous company in 1980. At that time, the company identified itself primarily as a winter service provider. Over the years, the founders understood the great market potential and expanded their company by adding diverse services connected to property management.


Office location: Heiligenstädterstrasse, 1190 Vienna

As the Attensam family apartment, initially also used as their office, became too small. In 1990, the company moved to its first real office premises in the Heiligenstädterstraße.


The ground-breaking ceremony in Klosterneuburg

Our company continued to grow and succeed. Its expansion to other federal states in Austria was the next logical step for Hans and Grete. In 2002, the St. Pölten location was inaugurated, a year later the branch in Salzburg. Again a year later other business locations were opened, such as in Rumania. The administration, the location and workshops soon moved to Klosterneuburg. A new office was constructed with enough space to accommodate 100 employees.

Change in leadership & expansion

Grete Attensam transferred the company operations over to her sons, Oliver and Clemens Attensam. Oliver ran the operations in Vienna and Clemens pursued the goal of expanding the company operations to other federal states and abroad. Additional branches in Germany, Hungary, and Austria follow.

Focus on the Austrian market

In 2011, it was decided that the company would withdraw from abroad and sell its foreign subsidiaries. Oliver Attensam took over the entire operations from this point onwards for the entire group. As the Austrian family business, we are now currently concentrating on our locations in the Austrian federal states. 

Inauguration of the Hans-Attensam-Gasse

In honour of the founder Hans Attensam, who passed away in 2004, an alley was named after him in Klosterneuburg in 2011. In a ceremony presided by the Mayor Mag. Stefan Schmuckenschlager, the alley was formally named after him.

If anyone can do it, it’s Attensam

We believe in this statement and this has been the foundation upon which our campaign rests since 2012. For if there is anyone who can make it both in property management and winter service, we can!