Landscaping services

A garden on one’s own premises creates a pleasant and cheerful ambience in spring and summer time. Regular maintenance works are necessary to create an ambience of a well-tended garden.

With services ranging from lawn clippings and scarifying to removal of fall foliage and weeds, our garden professionals can also perform bud burst spraying and pruning.

Service Packages

Attensam’s basic maintenance service package



Attensam’s basic maintenance service package guarantees that your garden always gives the impression of being well tended. Our services include, as always, garden mowing as well as weeding and manuring beds. Our gardeners will bring your shrubs, bushes and hedges to top form and all the clippings and foliage will be removed from your garden.


Regular lawn mowing ensures that the grass grows uniformly. Grass is always cut at a particular height, and our workers will clear the areas littered with clipped grass. Similarly, our workers will always clear the fall foliage. Litter, such as paper and cans, shall also be removed and disposed of appropriately.


This specification guarantees that your garden will always have a clean appearance. Your garden no longer implies more chores; rather it feels like an oasis.

Attensam’s ideal maintenance service package



Attensam’s ideal maintenance services will help to create an overall impression of a well-manicured garden and lawn area and to ensure the presence of consistently luscious green at all times.


This package is particularly suitable in high maintenance green areas. Our garden professionals scarify and mow your grass at regular intervals and take care of the weeding and manuring of the beds. The bushes and hedges in your garden and green areas will always be sculpted, whereas all foliage will be removed and disposed of.


Scarifying is necessary for all types of grass and for the garden to look well cared for. That is the reason why scarifying is vital to Attensam’s ideal maintenance service and performed twice every year. Scarifying ensures that dead grass is removed and the surface soil will not be matted. The surface of the lawn area will get air – water and nutrition can be better absorbed.


That always guarantees a clean garden. You can plan on your next barbecue – and impress your guests with your beautiful garden.

Attensam Intensive Maintenance Services



The intensive maintenance service is a package we have especially put together for prestigious lawn and garden areas. It is particularly suitable for properties featuring medical practices, offices, retail outlets and sales areas. Despite high visitor frequency, your lawn and garden area will be in top form.


We focus particularly on sensitive plants and other vegetation. Plants that require intensive maintenance do not pose a challenge to our trained workers. The garden and your green areas will always charm with their luscious green.


We can also take care of your rose plants. Roses will be professionally pruned and dry blossoms and twigs will be removed during the blossom season. Roses are hilled up in the fall and the hilling materials are removed. If your rose bushes bloom in full glory, it is thanks to the intensive care we provide!


Great care shall be exercised when creating:

  • Regularly scarified, mown lawns
  • Weeded and manured beds
  • Sculpted bushes and hedges
  • Cleanliness through removal of clippings and foliage


We guarantee that your green areas will appear clean, attractive, and well-landscaped!

Tree tags

Trees provide us with shade in summer and often bear tasty fruits. But we have the obligation to give trees the due care. Each tree owner is responsible for the condition of trees on his or her premises and liable for damages.


In fact, in the event of storms, improper tree-cut, or in the event of damage to the roots owing to underground works, trees are no longer roadworthy. Our skilled staff will check if your trees are roadworthy, make them safe and document the condition of the trees. Inspectors certified by the Research Society for Landscape Development and Landscape Construction (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau) will monitor the trees. A data sheet shall be prepared for each tree and a tree tag will be assigned, which is normally valid for one year. However, if there have been extreme weather events or construction works in close proximity, the tree tag will automatically lose its validity and the tree must be inspected yet again.



We can fulfil all requests ranging from freshly planting new grass with sods or sowing new seeds and shady lawn mixture – using Attensam’s landscaping system.


Select landscaping services include:

  • Installing a new lawn: When a new lawn is installed, we till the soil surface and remove the stones and roots. The soil is coarsely flattened, turf and compost are added and after again tilling the surface, grass seeds are sown. After about 10 days, your new grass will begin to prop up.
  • Sods and planting new seeds: Sods are best planted in areas where the aesthetic experience of a green space is essential. We recommend planting new seeds in the bare areas in the lawn.
  • Uprooting a tree: a dead tree, or a tree that bears the risk of breakage, will be completely removed. Another tree can be replanted if so requested.
  • Tree maintenance and tree cut: Our specialised staff is aware of the different types of cuts Whether it is a sapling graft, trimming the crest of the tree or simply shortening it or removal of dead wood, we will find a solution to your problem.


Replanting, paving, greening the roof and the yard area as well as constructing ponds are some additional landscaping services we provide. Do not leave anything to chance; instead take the help of our gardening professionals who passionately care for the garden.