Office management services

Sparklingly clean offices and the work areas not only enhance employee satisfaction and productivity but also encourage potential customers to visit. Your office spaces are maintained according to very high quality criteria that Attensam customarily demands. Calculable fixed hourly rates, permanent employees, substitutes in the event of vacation or illness as well as competent fill-ins – Attensam office management services offer all that and more. Our excellent authorised representatives continuously undertake monitoring checks on the works performed and the cleaning agents used.


Our employees are equipped with excellent machines and equipment that correspond to the state of the art of technology. We guarantee impeccable cleanliness and compliance with the regular mandated security standards that are high. As with all our cleaning capacities, we lay great emphasis on environmentally friendly products and guarantee a high cleaning quality.

Service Packages

Attensam office management services

Our main focus when providing our signature Attensam office management service is to create a perfect office space for your staff and customers. Clean work areas offer a fitting portal to your company.


Our main tasks thus also entail thorough wiping of all work areas, emptying the garbage can and vacuum cleaning the office premises, sanitary facilities and tea kitchen or recreation rooms.


You can choose to extend your service package by specific supplementary services, such as:


  • Watering and maintaining potted plants
  • Cleaning of ceiling lamps
  • Crushing and transportation of cases
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of the interiors of boxes and furniture
  • Cleaning of the interiors of the kitchen facility
  • Wet wiping of electronic and technical devices
  • Cleaning services at a height of over 1.80 m