Property management

The cleanliness of the property is important not just for the property residents, who spend time there on a daily basis – but also for the owners who are interested in preserving the value of their property. Attensam’s property management service ensures that your properties will always remain clean and orderly. They will exude grace and elegance.


We are particularly attentive to sustainability, because of which our cleaning agents are environment-friendly and appropriate for cleaning with cold water. We have well-trained employees whose reliability is much appreciated by our customers as they conscientiously perform their tasks as specified. That helps us to secure an optimal cleaning capacity for the designated cleaning areas and to attain a perfect end-result.


Our property cleaning services are available at different intervals. And you can choose the frequency of the services required, be that on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis! For each property is different and residents have diverse requests and demands, which is why we look forward to offering you a customised package that covers all your basic necessities in the best-possible manner.

Service Packages

Basic property management services


Our basic service package for property management solutions is appealing on account of the attractive cost-benefit ratio, especially for residential properties and apartment buildings in urban residential areas. We take care of your property at intervals specified by you and, additionally, we also ensure that the light bulbs function properly.


Following services, and a lot more, form a part of this property-cleaning package:

  • Sweeping and swapping the floors
  • Sweeping the yard and the garbage disposal area
  • Clean the waste containers
  • Wet wipe (window sills, bulletin boards, house doors, hand rail, mailboxes…)
  • Thoroughly clean elevator cars and outer doors
  • Remove promotional material
  • Remove cobwebs


You always have the option of extending your basic service package with additional services, such as prepayment meter service, inspection tours for cleaning visible spaces, or preparation of a property inspection report. Since emergencies cannot be foreseen, we have instituted a 24-hour hotline. You can reach us around the clock by phone at 05/7999 100.

The service package includes a general cleaning service performed twice a year. Select services include staircase cleaning, various cleaning services for areas not cleaned on a daily basis, such as sweeping the basement, wet wiping the electric lighting and banisters, or washing the windows, including the glass, window sills and frames. Your property will benefit from two rounds of “spring cleaning” every year.

Ideal property management


High maintenance properties (properties with medical practices and commercial offices experience greater wear and tear) will benefit from the “ideal” service package. As our service package includes several visits over the week, we consistently maintain an extremely high cleaning standard.


The following are some select services:

  • Sweeping and swabbing of floors, outer surfaces, and the garbage area
  • Wet wiping (window sills, bulletin boards, doors, handrails, mailboxes…)
  • Cleaning waste containers
  • Thorough cleaning of elevator and outer doors
  • Floor mat service for the foyer
  • A round of inspection on an additional day for cleaning visible spaces
  • A technical and maintenance package with four more maintenance hours at no additional charge: As specified in the technical package, we inspect the condition of your property and write a detailed report. We are pleased to perform any maintenance repairs you consider necessary.


The ideal service package can easily be extended to include more property management services. Among other services, we also provide statutory rat inspection, a property inspection report with photo documentation as well as a safety check and inspection.

Since emergencies cannot be predicted, we have set up a 24-hour telephone hotline, where you can reach us round the clock at 05/7999 100.


We offer general cleanings services twice a year. Select services are sweeping the basement, wet wiping the electric lighting and banisters, or washing the windows, including the glass, the window sills and frames. Your property will benefit from two rounds of “spring cleaning” every year.

Vacation replacement


Is your caretaker off to well-deserved summer vacation and you haven’t a clue as to who will take care of your property? It is high time you organised a holiday replacement!


We are happy to fill in as the vacation replacement to clean your property, and we will ensure its cleanliness and safety during peak summer season. That way, you need not worry about finding a replacement to manage your properties. Attensam’s professional cleaners offer a cleaning service that promises reliability and consistently high quality that Attensam demands from its employees.

Property inspection report

Each property management agency is legally obligated to undertake property inspection once a year. We are happy to perform this service and prepare a detailed inspection report for you.


That entails inspecting the indoor and outdoor areas of the property as well as appraising the property from the attic to the basement. Our main focus is primarily on all areas for which the reporting requirements apply. Possible defects are also listed in the property inspection report. In addition, we will also send you our proposals to remedy defects and make improvements. Our construction engineers are trained to attend to all matters, such as broken stairs, crumbling façade, unfirm tiles, or splintered window glasses.


Recording these findings and implementing quick and thorough remedy measures will contribute significantly to the safety of your property residents.

Operational checks for the elevator

Elevators are used by dozens on a daily basis – in the office or at the staircase. The truth of the matter is: elevators routinely experience severe wear and tear. They must undergo inspection as a way to ensure the safety of those using the elevators.


According to ÖNORM B2458, elevator inspection is mandatory and must be undertaken on a schedule prescribed by TÜV, the Technical Control Board. Every week, our technicians carefully examine elevator safety as a part of the operational checks for the elevator. At the same time, our experts visually inspect the mechanical parts, the elevator cabins, the doors and illumination as well as elevator shafts. The most important part of the elevator inspection is to examine the emergency call facility.


In order to cover all eventualities, we employ so-called lift attendants. Two persons are always on call to respond to any emergency. Once we receive a call for an elevator emergency, we will be on site within 30 minutes.


Passengers stuck in elevators prevented from automatically opening can experience anxiety and panic, for which reason the tense emotional situation must be handled with empathy. Our technicians offer encouragement, calming words and their expert knowhow to orchestrate the release of those stuck in the elevators in no time at all.

Floor mat service

The most starkly frequented areas, such as the foyer, the staircase or the office premises, tend to be most contaminated and dirt-infested. Our dirt-trapping doormats are effective owing to their strong durability as well as the nitrile rubber at the edge of the mat, which holds the mat in an optimal position without allowing it to shift or slip. Over 70% of the dirt and contaminants transported into the foyer is trapped in the mat. You can appreciate the extent to which the dirt-trapping mats contribute to the reduction of dirt.


The dirt-trapping floor mats we provide for your entrance area as a part of our service package are exchanged and cleaned at varied intervals (weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly). If required, we can provide you with floor mats in different sizes (75×85 cm to 150×250 cm). We are also glad to make them in the sizes you specify.


We have a great offer for all orders placed for the floor mat service from 1 February 2014 onwards: the anti-theft protection for your floor mat! We are happy to provide you with more information on this topic.

Safety and regular inspection checks

We seek to provide greater safety and orderliness on your properties. Just trivial matters, such as unlocked doors and an open window can diminish the sense of security on your property. Daily safety patrols undertaken by Attensam employees minimise these risks, because someone will immediately arrive on the premises in response to your call – and this is now a part of our exclusive cleaning service. Our customized package is designed to lend greater safety and organisation to your property:
Single security and inspection:

  • Daily patrol between 8.30 pm and 5.30 pm
  • Checking the hallway illumination for heavily soiling and defects on the property
  • Deny entry to unauthorised persons
  • Checking if the interior rooms are locked
  • Immediate measures in the event of imminent danger or communication with the emergency services.


Double safety and monitoring inspection:

  • Includes the one-time safety and monitoring inspection
  • Safety and monitoring inspections at twice as many intervals (one before and one after midnight)

Roof gutter cleaning

On order to prevent expensive water damage, your rainwater gutter must be regularly cleaned as the dirt deposited therein in the form of leaves, branches, sometimes left by animals, can in no time cause obstructions and cracks in the drains in the event of frost. Even snow and ice load in winter can prove to be dangerous for a roof gutter, which could break down or cave in. Our specialists will, as recommended, monitor and clean your roof gutter on an annual basis.


All rain gutters, including the trap for the rainwater and fall foliage will be cleaned, the passageway of all gutter pipes shall be monitored and the roof cladding, snow rakes and chimney caps will be visually inspected. Removing such obstructions will ensure the smooth flow of roof water! We also accept requests to clean the drains on terraces, pavements or garage exits.


Attensam’s gutter cleaning service ensures there are no obstruction or cracks in the roof gutter or expensive damages.

Painting works


Your building or your office premises conspicuously convey to the world who you are and create a lasting impression on other residents and customers. It is important that this first impression is conceived in the best possible manner. Our painter can help you do just that. With his long-standing professional experience, you are ensured prompt, reliable, and thorough service.


Irrespective of whether repairs or renovations need to be undertaken in the smaller segments at the staircase or around the entire apartment, for instance, during tenant change – we offer quick and cost-efficient measures to improve the external appearance of your property.


Our painters use premium quality paints and varnishes in order to generate the best-possible result. Carefully covering the areas to be protected is as much a part of the preparatory process as cleaning up of painted areas upon the completion of the work. Troweling, painting, coating, varnishing – whether indoors or outdoors – everything is possible.

Repairs, maintenance and installation

We perform all sorts of repair and installation works. Our technicians can easily install black shelves and bicycle stands. We even undertake small repairs on a regular basis, such as replacing broken windowpanes, lubricating the doors or other mechanical works. If a defect in the entrance to the garage or to the property needs it to be broken open, our workers will in no time appear on site. Security anchors will also be mounted at critical spots on the property, as specified under §72 of the Industrial Safety Law [Arbeitnehmerschutzverordnung]. This helps us keep our workers safe if the cleaning works are risky.


For repair works requiring grants and permits, we will undertake the damage analysis on your behalf and secure the cost estimates for you. At your request, we will commission a qualified mechanic, undertake checks on work and quality and we will take care of the cost sheet.