Special cleaning services

The upkeep of sensitive surfaces, such as marble and stone floors, glass and building façades must be separately managed, and this is best left to professionals!


Regardless of whether the work involves cleaning a glass façade at dizzying heights or at ground level, or undertaking the maintenance of a certain type of floor – our employees are regularly trained in a range of service possibilities. Because each floor type is different and each cleaning agent must be matched with the floor material, else more damages could ensue than intended. The expertise of our workers ranges from navigating difficult stone flooring to undertaking special forms of sealing – our workers are well versed in diverse operations.


Even the cleaning of garages and hallways, or cleaning operations undertaken subsequent to modifications, are considered special cleaning services. We are happy to help you with clearance. Attensam’s team of special cleaners will significantly contribute to the value maintenance of your property in that it undertakes non-routine and often challenging levels of cleaning services.

Service Packages

Cleaning the surface of the substrate level



Long term dust and dirt can cause scratches on the floor, which the eye can easily discern. Special substrate level cleaning has the effect of getting your floors to sparkle, in effect improving your prestige. Not every floor covering is the same. Each covering requires a unique form of treatment. It is important to address the different conditions of the flooring in order to prevent damage. Skilled experts are important for that.


Our workers have acquired special knowledge about the different material properties and cleaning procedures. In the case of substrate cleaning, they pay particular attention, as far as possible, to the possibility of protecting the original material and to maximum environmental sustainability. We try to use chemical cleaning agents minimally.


For substrate level cleaning, cleaning agents must be applied and brushed into the flooring. Once the dirt is eliminated, another layer can be added to the surface for generating the required shine and lustre. The dirt repellent emulsion applied after cleaning prevents any increase in dirt and dust deposits and in scratches. You also benefit from a resultant increase in the life expectancy of the floors.


You probably know this: after many years, attics and basements are nothing more than an assemblage of diverse things, such as old furniture, toys or junk. Over time, much of what gets collected is no longer needed. And yet, it is difficult to organise their clearance and disposal.


We take on all forms of clearance and disposal services for you; we organize transportation and guarantee an appropriate and environmentally friendly disposal system. We also dispose of toxic and hazardous waste.


Once we have cleared out unwanted things, we are more than happy to clean up rooms that are typically uninhabited, such as the attic area and basement.

Façade cleaning

Moisture is essential to produce the effect of radiant skin with the right complexion skin care. Wrinkles and dry skin are unwelcome side effects. Your property exterior is no different. The façade is the face of the property and this needs optimum level of maintenance to shine and glow. After some years, the façade begins to disintegrate and becomes grey. Weather conditions, dust, and emission residues that stick to the façade and damage it permanently are among the reasons. In part, even graffiti has immortalized itself on the walls.


It is important to have the property façade cleaned especially for that reason and this can only be entrusted to skilled personnel. Our professionals will attend to it and will clean each façade manually. Often they work at dizzying heights, roped up or perched on lifting ramps. Our workers are very particular about protecting the building materials and use different technologies based on the kind of surface.

Cleaning of the window area

Streak free, sparklingly clean windows – the dream of every building. Careful cleaning and the right cleaning agent will result in streak-free window areas. For even windows are made up of different materials, such as polished sheet glass, shatterproof glass or frosted glass, that require special cleaning agents. Even the window frames have to be cleaned.


If glass surfaces cannot be easily accessed, we use hoists, scaffolding, aerial platforms or telescope bars of up to 15 m. We use our professional industrial climbers for windows higher than 15 m. Our staff must not suffer from giddiness, in order to be able to pursue this line of work, especially if they have to work at a height of 26 m.


An osmosis device is used for cleaning which can be clipped on a telescope poles. Glass surfaces can be cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner using demineralised water.

Garage cleaning



The winter leaves its mark on the garages. These areas are subject to excessive wear and tear in winter and are soiled with crushed stones and dirt. The recommended interval for undertaking regular cleaning of garages is twice a year.


The first step in cleaning garages involves getting rid of coarse dirt, such as winter road sand, by sweeping, after which the garage will be cleaning using our special wet cleaning services. The cleaning emulsion is mechanically applied on the floor and thoroughly brushed. The dirty water is completely suctioned off using the state of the art technology and disposed of in an appropriate manner. This cleaning procedure ensures that dirt is absorbed more slowly. That way, your garage will remain clean, even deep down, for a long period of time.


And while we are there, we might as well redo old, washed out floor markings, change light bulbs, clean dirty floors and labels smeared with dirt – minimising the risk of accidents in your garage.

Graffiti removal



Big cities are perfect sites for “artists” to go crazy with graffiti art on building walls. They are neither beautiful nor aesthetically appealing and must therefore be removed without residues. Graffitis damage the building material and the value of the property diminishes as a result. The damage caused by the sprays runs into millions each year.


Our painters are well acquainted with graffiti removal and adopt the best techniques. It is important to ensure that the removal of the graffiti does not damage the façade. The cleaning agent is sprayed on the smudged and smeared parts of the façade. After they are absorbed, the graffiti will be completely removed. The premium agent is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. If the graffiti proves to be persistent, the façade may have to be partially repainted.


We would be happy to apply an additional layer of insulation on your façade, for it is worth doing that. Because this layer made of wax seals the façade. If a graffiti artist decided to commit his art to this wall, only the insulating layer will have to be scrubbed off and the original façade can remain as is. After that, the protective layer of wax will be applied again. This process is more expedient than painting the façade anew and thus could be cost-effective. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets.