Winter service

You can rely on safety and competence from the market leader in the field of winter services!
Hans and Grete Attensam started offering snow clearing services already back in 1980 when they founded the company.  Back then like nowadays we know what is important when it comes to professional snow clearing: reliability, safety, and being thorough. We have been combining all of these aspects along with the expertise of a company that has been on the market for over 30 years.


Our large, modern fleet of vehicles and our equipment used for combatting ice and snow consist of the most up-to-date technology. Driver training courses are held once a year for our employees in order to instruct them on how to handle vehicles such as tractors. Difficult situations and precarious usage can be simulated accurately during these training courses. The drivers even learn how to drive along a house wall, how to manoeuvre in between two vehicles, or what the correct mixing ratio of grit should look like. With these training courses and our modern equipment we can guarantee good quality snow clearing and ensure your safety during the wintertime.

Service Packages

Attensam liability package

The Attensam liability package forms the basis of snow clearing. We clear and grit your property up to three times a day, no later than 7-8 hours after deposits have formed. We look after areas and pavements, domestic and waste access areas, steps, patios, car parks, and driveways. Grit itself is scattered during the clearing process. It is used as chippings along with a thawing agent. The grit shall be swept away free of charge at the end of the season. But we can also sweep it away half way through the season, if requested.


Melted snow and ice can turn to black ice whenever the sun shines, therefore the Attensam thawing monitor is particularly important. Your property is checked for icicles and roof avalanches once a day, and is secured with warning rods throughout the thawing process. We shall notify you immediately in the event of any danger.


The Fairflex package was put together specifically for customers who have more stringent demands in the wintertime! The first clearing of your property shall take place immediately no later than 4-5 hours after deposits have formed. The package includes a reduced clearing interval of 3-4 hours. In addition to clearing snow, we also sweep away any grit, and monitor the thawing levels for your property.


Monitoring thawing levels is important for your property and for the safety of residents and passers-by. Snow can melt and turn into black ice very quickly whenever the sun shines. Your property is checked for icicles and roof avalanches once a day as part of the thaw monitoring process, and is marked with warning rods. We shall notify you immediately in the event of any danger.


Of course, we accept full liability for any tidying up and gritting processes. You will also benefit from our unique Fairflex bonus at the end of the season. Should there have been fewer than 15 operational days throughout the winter season (according to our service log on, then you shall receive a credit note equivalent to 25% of your package price.


Therefore, you can see that with Fairflex, you will benefit from our reliability and from us being thorough during harsh winters, and from just a handful of operating days for clearing snow during mild winters. No matter how the winter will be – with Fairflex you are prepared!

Sweeping outdoor areas

The effect of outdoor areas must not be underestimated. Clean facilities make a good first, and above all, a lasting positive impression of your business, your office, or your home. Depending on your requirements, we can offer you either a dry or a wet sweeping service.


We would recommend regular cleaning for areas with heavy traffic such as car parks, loading bays and driveways, or for areas which become heavily polluted from pigeon droppings. As part of this intensive cleaning process, we will remove any dirt, grit and other impurities by using our high pressure cleaner.


As part of the dry sweeping process, we use a special broom for a dust-free and environmentally friendly cleaning service. Automated cleaning of your outdoor areas from our expert members of staff will save you valuable time and give you the perfect result at a fair price.

Seasonal extension

With us, the winter season runs from 1st November to 15th April. But snow also falls earlier than this, especially in Western Austria. The trend in recent years has shown that the winter season sometimes starts sooner and sometimes later. We have therefore launched the Attensam seasonal extension so that we are able to counteract any early snowfall in good time.


As part of this seasonal extension, the service period shall be increased to run from 15th October to 30th April. This means that you can receive one month extra of winter service provided by our experts, and that you won’t be surprised by any snowfalls or black ice in October or April!

Snow removal

In harsh winter months it is possible that the snow load just gets too much. But what can be done with these masses of snow? Only our snow removal service can help here.


We are happy to remove these masses of snow from your property, and to dispose of them for you. We load the snow quickly and reliably by using our transporters and snow ploughs.