Pest control

Quick, discreet and efficient – that is our motto for pest control. Pest infestation in the living areas must be carefully treated. If an infestation is determined, a professional team must be called expediently. The head of our pest control services is particularly attentive to the use of environmentally friendly agents and ensures that the removal operations are performed in a discrete and reliable manner. Our specialists use special procedures that promise more than just effectivity. Whenever possible, biological and sustainable alternatives are used.


You can rely on our clean and systematic working methods. And we Rat inspection will declare your property to be pest-free!

Service Packages

Rat inspection



In order to successfully combat the rats in Vienna, it is mandatory for every property in the capital city to undergo rat inspection.


The basement can be free of rats in three steps:

  1. Rat trap bait: When inspecting for rats, we first set a trap bait and monitor it at regular time intervals to check for infestation.
  2. Scheduling the measures: if a rat infestation is determined, we will put in place measures specially targeting the purpose of combatting rats.
  3. Logging: It is standard practice to maintain a detailed log and to undertake quality control.

Pests and Nuisance

Wasps, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wood louse and several others are undesirable residents and a nuisance in one’s own four walls:


Spiders firmly fasten themselves to the façade and cause the façade to look soiled as they go about building their unsightly webs, so that the overall appearance of the property is affected. For a spider-free façade, it is important to use the spray drying technique of Microencapsulation by Attensam.


Cockroaches are a problem as they also transmit diseases and increase rapidly inside the property. Since cockroaches mostly reside in kitchens, they could transmit salmonella through food and provisions.


Wasps represent the greatest nuisance during summer time. Combatting that depends particularly on the active ingredient, which must specifically target the wasp nest. Standard home remedies do not have a long-lasting effect.


Trust our pest control professionals to quickly and efficiently control the problem and prevent its spreading. We have the right remedies to permanently and efficiently remove the pests and nuisance from your four walls.

Pigeon repellent



Pigeons can become a menace in cities. Their nesting behaviour and their droppings are both dangerous and bothersome. The aggressive and acidic pigeon droppings fall on building façades and destroy them permanently. They soil and damage the buildings. But not just the buildings are affected; they could be hazardous even to our health. Pigeon droppings can lead to serious respiratory problems and trigger diseases such as tuberculosis and spread pathogenic agents such as salmonella.


We will take care of these unwelcome guests – and we do this without harming the birds and without even hurting them.


We use the following tried and tested methods for expelling the pigeons:

  • Weatherproof nets: we span robust, weatherproof nets over atriums, attic windows, balconies or wall openings to prevent pigeons from entering. The nets, however, are loosely knit, so that exposure to rain or snow does not pose a problem. The nets must be mounted and stretched manually.
  • Nirosta repellent peaks: using a weatherproof adhesive, pointed protrusions are mounted on the façades, ledges or window sills that are pigeon repellent. Owing to the closely positioned pointed protrusions, the pigeons find no place to rest. The repellent protrusions do not in anyway cause injury to the birds.


It is important to disinfect places that have been contaminated with pigeon droppings. We will safely eliminate the pathogenic germs, so that the health the residents are not at stake. We can also introduce you to other pigeon repellent measures, such as tension elements, special ultrasonic devices, etc., if you should so request.